How To Photograph The Milky Way

How To Photograph The Milky WayBelow you will find a complete guide on how to photograph the Milky Way. Photographing the Milky Way can be very rewarding. Allowing us to be very creative shooting, and light our scenes as conditions rarely change at night. This...

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The Making of an Image

 THE MAKING OF AN IMAGE A large part of the creative process in photography is in the post processing of our images. This is where we turn our vision into reality. This can mean many things, from minor enhancements to bring the colour and contrast back into the image,...

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Landscape Photography – Break The Rules

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY - BREAKING THE RULES RULES, RULES, RULES…. Guidelines? When we first take up photography, we’re very keen to learn everything that we can. In the process of learning we’re bombarded with information from everywhere, whether through workshops,...

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