Emerald Lake Sunrise Photography Tour

Emerald Lake Sunrise Tour

Tour Duration: 5 Hours (From Hotel Pick up to Drop Off)
Tour Cost: Pricing below is a total price, and not based on a per person basis. 
1 to 2 Photographers: $400.00 CAD + 5% GST  (Total)
3 to 4 Photographers: $650.00 CAD + 5% GST (Total)

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, lives up to its name with a brilliant emerald colour to the water. On what appears to be an island you’ll see Emerald Lake Lodge. This lodge is iconic in most photos taken at Emerald Lake, and can be photographed from many angles. 

At sunrise, we’ll make our way to a great vantage point to capture the rising sun over the mountains and Emerald Lake Lodge. There are many compositional options, with logs and rocks throughout the water, the bridge crossing to the lodge, and a river exiting the lake. After sunrise, we’ll make our way around part of the lake, looking for the resident moose. There are also great perspectives on the far side of the lake. 

On this tour, depending on time we’ll visit an additional location. On our return from Emerald Lake, if time permits we’ll stop at Herbert Lake of Morant’s Curve. 

This tour is available all year round, and is a beautiful place to shoot at night and in winter. Moose can often be found on the shores of Emerald Lake in Summer and Autumn.  

Driving Time from Banff: Approximately 1hr 15m
Driving Time from Canmore: Approximately 1hr 30m

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