ADP LumiFlow

Luminosity Mask Plugin For Photoshop

Changing the Game in Luminosity Mask Action Panels

ADP LumiFlow is our powerful and versatile luminosity masks and workflow plugin for Photoshop. With 15 unique panel, giving you unprecedented control over your workflow and image editing. You’ll master light in your photography in no time. 

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Three Methods of 16-bit Luminosity Mask Selections

Luminosity Masks with Layers

This method of mask selection is what our panel was built on. We have now taken it to a whole new level, not only can you use colour to adjust your mask, as always, we’ve introduced some whole new mask modification tools. We have introduced the ability to Dodge & Burn the mask, and paint directly on the mask, something never seen previously in this method of mask creation.

Quick Mask 16-bit Luminosity Mask Selections

This is a new method of mask creation added to the panel. Using 16-bit Calculations, we create the masks and then you are given many powerful tools to adjust and apply your masks.

Heat Map Tonal Zone Selections

Another new tools in ADP LumiFlow. With a map overlay produced, showing you where all the 11 different tonal zones reside in your image, you ability to make any selection is unparalleled. Make selections, in 1 or as many zones as you like, visually and easily. You’ll never look at another method of mask creation again.

Additional New Tools in ADP LumiFlow

Luminosity Masks with Layers


Create monochrome (Black & White) images like never before. With 11 modern filters included, you can choose your starting point. Then from there you have many adjustment tools built in to create your perfect image, including adding and removing structure. Best of all you can keep all of the layers and easily go back and adjust your image.


We have added some incredible new filters, on top of some of the filters that were in our previous panels. Here you can Add and Remove Structure, add Dynamic Contrast, apply De-Haze to your images. We’ve also added in tools to paint colour directly on your images.


We have dramatically improved our sharpening tools. With 3 methods of Auto Web sharpening now built in. We also have included 4 methods of manual sharpening. Included you will find tools for edge protection, to protect edges from over sharpening throughout your image.

Other New Tools

There have been many additional new tools added, including: Reveal Clipping, Remove Halos, Remove CA, Noise Reduction, and much more.

To watch some introductory videos and see the incredible power of our new Luminosity Mask Action Panel visit our new website.