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Moraine Lake Sunrise Tour

Tour Duration: 5 Hours (From Hotel Pick up to Drop Off)
Tour Cost: Pricing below is a total price, and not based on a per person basis. 
1 to 2 Photographers: $400.00 CAD + 5% GST  (Total)
3 to 4 Photographers: $650.00 CAD + 5% GST (Total)

Moraine Lake is nestled in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, and is arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in the Rocky Mountains, if not the world. The glacial fed aqua waters always appear unreal in images, but are absolutely real and no photo can do this lake justice. 

At sunrise, we’ll make our way up the Rock Pile at the West end of Moraine Lake, and set up in a location with uninterrupted views of this stunning lake. We’ll photograph Moraine Lake from this perspective as the light starts to hit the peaks. We’ll then make our way to other locations for different perspectives. We’ll then photograph the lake from a few additional locations along its shores before departing. 

On this tour, depending on time we’ll visit 2 – 3 locations. We have a few options in the area, including Lake Louise, Herbert Lake, and Morant’s Curve. During the morning, we’ll discuss your interests further and decide from there which our second location should be. 

This tour is only available from June – Mid October. The road to Moraine Lake is closed during the shoulder months of winter and all through winter. 

Driving Time from Banff: Approximately 1 hour
Driving Time from Canmore: Approximately 1hr 15m

For details on what to bring, what we can teach, cancellation policy, enquiry form and more, visit the following link: 

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Moraine Lake Sunrise Photography Tour

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