Hazy Dayz

A “Fine Art” print, with Mount Agung looming large over the peaceful beaches of Sanur in Bali, Indonesia at sunrise.

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Aspect ratios vary from 2.2: 1 to 2.6:1. The dimension represents the long edge of the print.


About The Print
Hazy Dayz

The East coast of Bali, offers many different things to different people. Escape to North to be isolated for day to day life. The mid-north for surfing on black sand beaches. Sanur for a European feel and relaxation holiday, and South for resort holidays.

The beaches of Sanur are relaxing with the amenities of resort towns. From the beaches of Sanur you can see Mt. Agung looming over the island. This “Fine Art” image combines the two most popular views from its beaches.  


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