Last Light on Kata Tjuta

Sun setting in the red centre of Australia, bringing a brilliant glow and lighting up Kata Tjuta, near Uluru in Australia.

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Aspect ratios vary from 2.2: 1 to 2.6:1. The dimension represents the long edge of the print.


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Last Light on Kata Tjuta

The colours of the red centre of Australia, must be seen to be believed. As the sun sets over Kata Tjuta, Uluru and surrounds, the colour is even further intensified. It is so surreal, that they even appear to glow long after the sun has set.

The light on Kata Tjuta on this evening was magical. I knew I had to capture this as a very large print, and capture its surrounds. This has been captured as a very large panorama to get its full grandeur.  


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