5 Hour Night Photography Tour Banff

Rockies 5-Hour Night Photography Tour

Tour Duration: 5 Hours (From Hotel Pick up to Drop Off)
Tour Cost: Pricing below is a total price, and not based on a per person basis. 
1 to 2 Photographers: $400.00 CAD + 5% GST  (Total)
3 to 4 Photographers: $650.00 CAD + 5% GST (Total)

There is nothing more peaceful that being in the remote Rocky Mountains at night. The total quiet can be surreal and make you feel alive. 

On our 5-hour Night Photography tours we can travel as far north as Peyto lake on the Icefield Parkway. This gives us a massive amount of flexibility in locations that we can visit. If time permits we will visit multiple locations during this tour. 

During our night photography tours we can look to photograph the stars, Milky Way, moonlit landscapes and if we’re lucky the Auroras (cannot plan for Auroras). Weather can change conditions significantly, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t capture stunning images in almost any conditions. 

We encourage you to visit planning sites or use apps such as Photo Pills & Stellarium for the stars and The Photographers Ephemeris for the moon phase to determine what conditions could be when you visit. At the time of your booking we will also do our research to make sure there will be some opportunities for us. 

On the night of the tour we will check all conditions and determine the best places to visit based on those conditions. 

For details on what to bring, what we can teach, cancellation policy, enquiry form and more, visit the following link:

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Night Photography Tour in Banff Alberta

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