ADP LumiFlow Plugin

Control Light, Don’t Let Light Control You, With ADP LumiFlow, our Luminosity Masks and Workflow Plugin For Photoshop.

Available for Photoshop CC2014 – Current

A Tool That Harnesses Your Creativity

At the heart of every great image, is light. Where there is light, there is luminosity, and with ADP LumiFlow Plugin, you have the ultimate control over the available light. Luminosity masks are a valuable method of making selections in your image. With these selections, your control over the brightness, direction and colour of light is limitless.

We’ve created a tool, that takes all the modern methods of mask creation and combined them into one amazing plugin, ADP LumiFlow. Make selections like never before. Combine selections with our easy to use tools, to shape and modify your selection. Allowing you to create any mask that you desire. 

We’ve taken our ADP LumiFlow Plugin well beyond a mask creation tool, creating a full workflow plugin. From creating stunning black and white images, to amazing colour filters. Sharpen your image for the web and print, with 4 sharpening methods. Including automated luminosity tools, so you can work in Photoshop like you do in Lightroom. Plus dozens of tools to speed up your everyday workflow. You’ll never look back.

Why The ADP LumiFlow Plugin Is Right For Your Images

Painting With Colour and Light

Bring your subjects to life with colour and light. Use masks to control the areas affected. Combine those masks with your favourite adjustment layers for colour, and luminance to make them jump of the screen. Sculpting masterpieces has never been easier.

Dodge and Burn With Complete Control

Emphasise or De-emphasise subjects, light, shapes and form with dodging and burning. Take your viewers on a visual journey through your image to find the hidden gems. Dodge and burn with luminosity for precise and seamless tonal adjustments.

Selectively Control Exposure

Darken skies in a landscape, lighten the light on faces in portraits. Lighten and bring detail to shadow areas. Increase the brightness of your midtones to make your images pop. Giving you the ultimate control over selective exposure adjustments.

Contrast and Detail Enhancement

Add selective punch and contrast to the subjects in your images. Impact only the areas and tones that you want affected. Enhance texture and detail in the shadows, lights, midtones or any tonal range separately. Watch your subjects and images come to life.

Exposure Blending

Blend multiple exposures with precision and ease. Your scenes and subjects will maintain smooth and natural transitions. Add or remove light, shadow, colour and more by blending multiple exposures. Create brilliant landscapes, travel images and environmental portraits.

Composite Imaging

Make extremely accurate selections in your images. Allowing you to cut out your subjects for compositing or isolated adjustments. Combine luminosity mask creation methods for the ultimate control. Then use them to control light and colour, for seamless composites.

What's Included with ADP LumiFlow Plugin

14 Plugins in 1

All 14 of our powerful and easy to use plugins, combined into 1 compact interface. Launch each window from the main window, as you need the tools. Never go looking for what you need again.

4.5 Hours of Video

31 high definition videos are included, showing you how each of the functions in ADP LumiFlow work. A great resource to refer to if you need a refresher on any of the tools in the plugin.

Ongoing Support and Tutorials

Enjoy our many hours of free tutorials available on our website and YouTube. Join our Facebook community, learn new ideas, uses for ADP LumiFlow and ask questions of fellow users.


All of our products are available for immediate download and installation. Receive links to download and easy to follow instructions (written and video) for quick installation.

ADP LumiFlow is Available For Photoshop CC2014 - Current

Where There is Light There is Luminosity

There are no limitations with ADP LumiFlow. With many methods of mask creation and modification built in. You’ll never go looking for another selection tool again. Whether you want to use colour to create masks, dodge and burn your mask, or tools for infinite adjustments, it’s all included. Use the ADP LumiFlow automated built in adjustment tools, and layers to make modifications and more. Then there this is the visual mask selector in the Zone System Heat Map, what else could you ask for. Choose your favourite method, or combine methods for even more control. 

Luminosity With Layers Plugin

The luminosity with layers plugin in ADP LumiFlow is a full featured mask creation and modification plugin. Using layers to create masks, gives this method of mask creation a unique ability. You can use colours to control the areas that you select. Giving you the ability to make some very complex selections. As shown on hover over on the right. 

Built in are your lights, darks, mid-tones and two zone systems. A zone picking tool to help make zone selections. Also the ability to work in colour modes R, G, B, C, M, and Y. Modify your masks from within the window, or with the adjustment layers, for infinite possibilities.

Creating masks with layers, makes mask creation easy, intuitive, and very powerful. 


This example shows the power of using colour to make your selection. The selection of all the fine red hairs on his face would be nearly impossible with any other method. 

Using a restricted Darks Quick Mask selection, a very narrow tonal range is selected with smooth transitions. This allows for seamless tonal adjustments on the finest of details. 

Quick Masks Plugin

The Quick Mask method of mask creation in ADP LumiFlow is done through calculations (in the background). The benefits of this method are the very smooth transitions of tones, even through extreme mask adjustments. Allowing you to make seamless adjustments in your images. 

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to dodge and burn the mask during creation. This helps to really focus in on the area you want affected in an adjustment. There are many simple built in adjustment tools for easy mask modification. You also have tools allowing you to make infinite adjustments, creating virtually any selection.

Create perfectly smooth tonal transitions in your masks for seamless adjustments in your images.

Zone System (Heat Map) Plugin

The Zone System Heat Map in ADP LumiFlow is a visual method of making selections. It’s been based on the zone system developed by Ansel Adams, separating an image into 11 separate tonal zones. 

Based on the colours you see on the image in the Heat Map, you can make any selection. Choosing the zone or multiple zones of interest is as simple as pushing a button. You can review and adjust your masks with ease. You also have a choice between hard line selections or feathered luminosity selections.

The ability to make selections is limitless, visual, simple and powerful. 


In the example above you can see the clear separation between the dark archway and the sky and water. This allows you to make easy selections of areas visually.

Additional Maksing Tools in ADP LumiFlow Plugin

Subtraction Masks: This allows you to create specialized masks by removing specific zones from a selection. 

Apply-Adjust-Replace: When you want to Apply a luminosity mask to a layer that’s already been created. Or, adjust a mask on an existing layer. Even replace a mask on an existing layer. This tools has the full functionality of the Quick Masks. 

Channel Masks: A legacy method of mask creation, creating Light, Dark and Midtone Luminosity Masks in your Channels.

Much More Than A Great Luminosity Masks Plugin

Sharpening Plugin in ADP LumiFlow

You’ll never look for another sharpening tool again. You have two sharpening sections in the panel: 

Auto Web Sharpening – Here you have 3 methods of sharpening built in. You can choose one, or test all three at the same time. Choose the size of your image from presets, or choose your own. 

Self Sharpening – In this section you make all the decisions and choose from 4 methods of sharpening. You can either size, and sharpen for web or print. Choosing sizes, bit depth and colour profiles. 

Edge Protection – For those images where edges cause grief, you have two methods of edge protection, preventing halos. 

In the sharpening example above two methods of edge protection are shown. On the left this is from a selection made by you, on the right all edges are protected.

In the examples above warm light was painted into the window and monk to keep the image warm. Orton glows were added to the landscape to give a high contrast glow to the mountains.

Colour FX Plugin

In the Colour FX plugin in ADP LumiFlow, you will find some very handy filters to add impact to your images. Work with colour and detail tools including:

  • 4 Orton Glows
  • Detail Extractors (Lights, Darks, Midtones, All)
  • Add and Remove Structure
  • Polarisation
  • Dynamic Contrast
  • De-Haze
  • Paint With Colour and Luminosity Masks

All of the filters can be applied in whole or in part through masking or opacity. Create some beautiful effects and contrast to help your images jump off the page.

Auto Adjustments

Whether you’re new to luminosity masks or are looking to speed up your workflow our Auto Adjustments in ADP LumiFlow can help. 

Use the masks like sliders in Lightroom or Camera Raw. Adjust your light, dark and mid tones with 13 built in adjustment sliders.

Auto Exposure Blending

For landscape photographers, exposure blending can be overwhelming. Especially as you start learning. Or, maybe you’re just looking for the quickest solution. 

ADP LumiFlow can Blend up to 7 images automatically using three different methods. Test all three quickly to see which works for you.

It Doesn't End There

There are many great additional tools, and workflow functions built into ADP LumiFlow.

Merge Layers

Remove Halos

Remove Chromatic Aberration

Spot Removal

Reveal Clipping


Saturation Painting

Vibrance and Saturation Masks

Noise Reduction

4 Options for Masking Your Masks

Color Range Picker

Frequency Separation

Fill Layers

White and Black Brushes

Step Forward and Back in History

Move Layers

Invert Layers or Masks

7 x Zooming and Viewing Options

11 Adjustment Layers

Show and Hide Your Selections

Show and Hide Luminosity Gradients

Add 12 of Your Own Actions

Camera Raw (Smart Object and Not)

Gaussian Blur

Rasterize Layers

Dedicated Dodge and Burn Plugin

Information Buttons For All Tools

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ADPLumiFlow is Available For Photoshop CC2014 - Current

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