ADP LumiFlow Luminosity and Workflow Plugins For Photoshop

Reveal The Full Potential in Your Images With ADP LumiFlow – The Worlds Most Comprehensive Editing Plugin and Video Workshops For Photographers

What Challenges Do You Face In Your Editing and Workflow?

Do you wish you had more control over your edits?

Do you find your current editing processes to be limiting, cumbersome or frustrating?

Have you hoped for an easier way to achieve the image results that you want?

Is your creativity limited because editing seems too complex?

Do you wish your images would jump off the screen and print?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then ADP LumiFlow is for you!

Regardless of Your Genre of Photography or Skill Level ADP LumiFlow is For You

Developed by multi-award winning Master Photographer Aaron Dowling, ADP Lumiflow will breathe life into your images. As the worlds most versatile luminosity and workflow plugin, it caters to all genres of photography – landscapes, portraits, travel, wildlife, wedding, street, night sky, abstract, nature, and illustrative to name a few – and to all levels of photographer, from beginners to intermediate, to professionals. If you take photographs and edit them, ADP Lumiflow is a must have tool in your editing arsenal. 

Aaron invested more than 2000 hours in the creation of ADP Lumiflow, and as a professional and creative photographer of 20 years, he intimately understands what photographers need and want when it comes to image making.

With thousands of users across 70+ countries, consistent feedback is that ADP Lumiflow provides comprehensive, flexible, easy to use editing options which make sense. No jargon, no confusion – just beautiful, easy image enhancement

Creative Freedom

There are no limits to the possibilities in ADP LumiFlow. We've created the most powerful selection tool and plugin for Photoshop. With all the methods of luminosity mask creation available, you'll be able to take advantage of each of their strengths. Giving you the creative freedom to selectively edit your images with ease and confidence. Control your selections with the power of dodging and burning, or modify them using colour, and many more built in tools.

For All Skill Levels

If you're new to Photoshop, we'll make your editing life much easier. You can start using the advanced tools in Photoshop straight away. Built into ADP LumiFlow are automated blending tools, to easily blend exposures. There are auto adjustments to control highlights, shadows and contrast with luminosity masks, like sliders in Lightroom. Then there are the fantastic filters of Colour FX, and don't forget all the push of a button workflow tools.

Learn To Control Light

Take the complexity out of luminosity selections and simplify your workflow. You will be able to control and manipulate light with precision and ease.  And to complement the ADP Lumiflow plugin, Aaron has developed a series of instructional Video Workshops, available for download. Learn to master the uses for luminosity masks in your workflow. Create stunning black and white images, with gorgeous contrast. Start using Photoshop to your advantage.

Take Control of Your Image Making with ADP LumiFlow

ADP Lumiflow Luminosity and Workflow Plugin For Photoshop

Taking the complication out of luminosity masks and your workflow with ADP LumiFlow. Regardless of your genre of photography you’ll find the powerful, yet simple tools in this plugin easy to apply. Control and manipulate light with precision and ease.  We’ve built many great workflow tools into the plugin, to speed up your workflow dramatically.

14 Plugins in 1

Get unparalleled control and flexibility in your editing with 15 unique plugins in 1. Not only will you have all the methods of luminosity mask creation on the market in one place, you'll have: zone systems, advanced sharpening tools, black and white conversion and filters, colour and contrast effects, unmatched dodging and burning capability, automated blending, tonal sliders (work like you're in lightroom), and so much more.

4.5 Hours of Video

You won't be left wondering how the tools work. Included in your purchase is 4.5 hours of video tutorial showing you how all of the tools within ADP LumiFlow work.

Ongoing Support and Tutorials

Become a part of our Facebook community, where we share ideas, inspiration, and learn from each other. Watch our free video tutorials, and learn as we uncover new ways of using these fantastic tools.


Immediately after your purchase you will be provided links to download all of your products, to use straight away.

"The only limits to our creativity, are the ones we put on ourselves."

ADP LumiFlow Video Workshops

Our video workshops have been designed to provide with valuable skills and knowledge. We strive to teach not only how you achieve something, but more importantly build your skills. Discussing how the tools used work, and why you want to apply them. With this knowledge, knowing which tools to use to complete a task becomes much simpler.

Luminosity Masks Unmasked Video Workshop

This video workshop builds your skills from the ground up. We build from the basics to the most advanced uses for luminosity masks. You'll build a very strong foundation in using them in your workflow. You won't ever be left behind. We discuss each topic and concept in detail and in layman's terms. You will finish the workshop with the confidence to tackle your own images with purpose and vision.

The Art of Black and White Editing Video Workshop

Learn to create high impact and emotive black and white images. There are many ways of converting your images to black and white. We'll cover many of the methods in detail, to determine all their advantages. Understand how you can push your processing and light, for great impact. We also take for images, completing full edits to apply everything learnt in the workshop. Create your Black and White masterpieces today.

Photoshop For Beginners Video Workshop

Let's tame this powerful program. Photoshop can appear overwhelming, but it's much simpler than it appears. In this workshop we assume you have no knowledge of Photoshop and teach it from the ground upWe'll not only cover the basic skills in Photoshop, you'll learn intermediate and some advanced skills. We cement all those skills through the full image edits. You'll never let Photoshop get the better of you again.

All video workshops are downloadable to your personal computers, to watch at anytime. You also receive the image files used in the workshops, to follow along, making learning easier.