Free Photoshop For Beginners Video Workshop

Turning Photoshop into a tool you use to express your creativity. Take control of this powerful editing program today and see what you can achieve.

You’ll complete the Free Photoshop for Beginners Video Workshop with the confidence to create your own masterpieces. This workshop is not just an introductory Photoshop workshop. We cover many intermediate and even advanced tools. We’ll strengthen your understanding of these tools throughout the entire workshop and the full image edits.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Photoshop, it will all come together in a logical and fun way with Free Photoshop for Beginners.

What You Will Learn

Setting Up For Success

We start by removing all the confusion of the Photoshop, setting up the Photoshop windows. When you first start in Photoshop the program can appear overwhelming. We'll explain how it all works in detail, and remove the areas that add no value to you as a photographer.

Layers and Layer Masks

Here's where the power of Photoshop comes into it's own. We discuss in detail all the different types of layers, when you would use them and why. Layer masks can at first be confusing and overwhelming, you'll have them mastered by the end of this section.


Everything you do in Photoshop requires you to be using a tool. We'll discuss in detail all of the available tools, useful to photographers. We'll talk about how each of them work and all the options available for them. Also doing practice examples of each as we go.


There are many types of filters within Photoshop. From artistic filters, to very specialized blur and sharpening filters. There are many essential filters used during image editing. We cover all the important ones to get the most out of your images.

Adjustment Layers

The adjustment layers are where you'll really start to put a mark on your images. When we combine adjustment layers with layer masks, the sky is the limit. We'll cover these in detail, including combining them with blending modes in Photoshop for even more control.

5 Full Image Edits

Using a combination of the tools taught during the workshop, we'll complete 5 full image edits. We'll take the photos from their RAW format, completely through the editing process. Including sharpening and resizing the images for web and print.

Post Processing Workflow

Two of the biggest challenges people face in editing, is their creativity (having a vision for an image) and a workflow. Throughout the full image edits we discuss both of these topics in great detail. We have developed a workflow guide (left), which we follow and discuss with each image we edit. We also talk about vision for our images, how we develop that vision and then turn it into reality.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have much more confidence in your editing. On top of that you’ll be able to express a vision for your imagery, making editing much easier.

What's Included

72 HD Videos

72 high definition (hd) videos, labeled in an easy to find format. This makes it very easy to refer back to specific tools and tasks. A fantastic library, that you'll return to as you strengthen your skills.

16 Hours of Content

With 20+ years of experience, and teaching classroom workshops, you'll find the content well structured. Most importantly it will be easy to understand and follow as you learn new tools and techniques.


There are two options to download the videos. The entire library is broken into 3 larger files that can be downloaded, or one video at a time if you prefer. They can also be watched online at anytime.

Image Files

All of the Raw files used throughout the workshop are included in the download. This will make it very easy to follow along. Helping to strengthen your understanding before tackling your own images.

Setting Up For Success

Photoshop can at first be an overwhelming program, but when we break it down it can be much simpler than first appearances. Photoshop is designed for much more than photo editing. Breaking it down, we simplify the interface and ensure our preferences are set to get what we need from it.

58 Minutes (4 Videos)


Photoshop has been designed for video editing, graphic design and photo editing. We break Photoshop down into the tools we need for photo editing. Many of the functions are not relevant to us as photo editors. We’ll cover:

  • Setting Camera Raw / Lightroom Preferences.
  • Opening images in Photoshop.
  • Setting preferences in Photoshop.
  • Understanding the Photoshop Window and setting it up for photo editing.

Setting The Foundation in Photoshop

Layers and Layer Masks

Layers and layer masks are where the true power in Photoshop can be found. The concept of layers and masks are where most stumble, but once they’re understood, you’ll wonder why you thought Photoshop was complicated.

We focus on layers and layer masks to ensure you have a strong foundation in both, which will makes editing much easier.

  • The types of layers available.
  • Navigating the layers window.
  • Order of layers.
  • Understanding and using layer masks.
  • Quick tips.
1 Hour 20 Minutes (5 Videos)


For every task we undertake in Photoshop  we need to have a tool selected. We work through all of the important tools for photo editors.

Photoshop has many ways that we can achieve a desired result. With all of these options comes confusion on what to use or do. We explore all of the important tools and options and understand when they will be useful during your edits.

  • Selection Tools (Marquee, Lasso, Quick Selection and Magic Wands)
  • Select and Mask to refine selections.
  • Cropping and perspective corrections.
  • Cloning and Healing. 
  • Gradients, Dodging and Burning, and Much More…
5 Hours (26 Videos)

Adjustment Layers

Adjustments layers is where a great deal of the magic happens. There are thousands of different ways we can use and apply adjustment layers in our images. Combining adjustment layers with layer masks and blending modes opens up a whole new world.

Learning the possibilities with adjustment layers is endless. We’ll cover many of the most popular uses and explain them in great detail

  • We cover 13 of the available adjustment layers.
  • Using adjustment layers with layer masks.
  • Blending modes and how we can use them to our advantage.
  • Working with many methods of colour, contrast and luminance adjustments.
3 Hours 45 Minutes (20 Videos)



When the term filters is used, many people think of special effects in images. The filters available in Photoshop are much more than that. We do have the ability for special effects, but we also have an incredible amount of creative tools available.

There are a few key filters built into Photoshop that can make our lives easier, and give us the ability to express our creativity. We cover:

  • Camera Raw Filter (CC2014 – Newer).
  • Blurring (Motion, Gaussian and Radial).
  • Noise Reduction.
  • Sharpening and High Pass.
  • Specialty Filters and more….
1 Hour 35 Minutes (10 Videos)

Full Image Edits

Learning new techniques and tools is interesting and required to build a solid foundation. But, until you put the tools to practice on real images, you’ll never know their full power. We’ll take 5 images from RAW right through to the completed and sharpened images. Covering both landscape and travel / portrait photography. The images below are the full image edits from the Free Photoshop for Beginners Video Workshop. 


In The Markets

In this image we concentrate on the Black and White conversion and painting with light to enhance the scene and separate her from the background. We use tools including:

  • Selective black and white conversion to control specific areas.
  • Dodging and burning to control strength of light and remove distractions.
  • Sharpening and sizing and more…

Duration: 28 minutes (1 video)


Blushing Sunset

We create a mood, through darkening, contrast and colour adjustments to bring this landscape image to life. Some of the steps we use are:

  • Selective darkening and colour enhancements
  • Selections to control tones in specific areas
  • Cloning, healing, masking, sharpening and resizing and more…

Duration: 59 minutes


The Cascades

We enhance this image of the Cascade waterfall, to create a cleaner and more mystical image. One that’s more fitting for the beauty of the falls. Some of the tools we use are: 

  • Play with colour through temperature for mood.
  • Dodging and burning to control light.
  • Painting with colour to enhance scene.
  • Distraction removal to strengthen main feature.
  • Selective Sharpening.
Duration: 54 Minutes (2 Videos)

Curing Fish

Travel photographs are often taken in harsh lighting conditions with heavy shadows and bright highlights. We focus on directing the light to enhance the story, including:

  • Enhancing shadow detail, and darkening bright highlights.
  • Perspective correction to straighten everything up.
  • Advanced cloning techniques.
  • Colour enhancements for richer details.
  • Painting with light to draw the viewers eye.

Duration: 44 minutes (2 Videos)


The Temple Sunset

We take three images from a sunset on the West Coast of Bali, and hand blend them to create a balanced exposure. We use many techniques, including:

  • Gradient tool and manual blending techniques.
  • Selection tools to to work in specific areas.
  • Enhance colours throughout the image.
  • Add selective contrast for punch in the image.


Duration: 44 minutes (2 Videos)

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