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Peter Eastway - Better Photography Magazine

“We’ve all seen the National Geographic photos of thousands upon thousands of penguins and if you travel to South Georgia, there are several locations you’ll find them. While Salisbury Plain is pretty good because of a rising hill behind, it’s hard to get above the penguins. At St Andrews, there are several locations where you can get up above and look down on a sea of bobbling heads! This is what I wanted.

And since I’m fussy, then there were three more things!

First, I wanted edge to edge penguins. This gives the viewer the impression that the mass of birds goes on and on forever! (And they do!) I used a telephoto lens to make this easier to achieve.

Second, I wanted rim lighting – meaning, by looking towards the sun, my subjects would be back-lit and the light coming past them would illuminate their feathers, creating a ‘rim’ of white light. It’s important to keep your exposure a little darker than usual so you can keep control over these highlights. So, I wandered around the outside of the colony until I had the right light.

King Penguins, St Andrews, South Georgia
Fujifilm X-T3, 200mm f2.0 lens, f6.4 @ 1/400 second, ISO 160

Third, I looked for patterns. The adolescent penguins are orangy-brown and tended to congregate together – like teenagers I guess! This makes an interesting pattern within a pattern, so to speak.

In post-production, I enhanced the contrast to reveal the rim light and the colour difference between the adolescents and their parents. However, I was a little concerned that by lightening up the bodies of the penguins to the tone I wanted, the white feathers and rim lighting was being blown out. What to do? The solution was to use an ADP LumiFlow which picked out just these highlights, allowing me to add a hint of tone. It might not make a big difference when you’re looking at a web reproduction, but it made a significant difference to the final print. And for me, that’s what photography is all about!

This photo was part of a portfolio of four images that earned Peter the 2019 AIPP Australian Professional Nature Photographer of the Year Award. And if you’re interested in a trip to Antarctica or South Georgia, check out his voyages on”

Lynn Gail
Lynn GailTravel Writer & Photographer
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As a travel writer/photographer who processes a large number of images for various outlets and magazines, I was looking for a possible tool/add-on to help streamline my work in Photoshop. ADP LumiFlow not only adds visually exciting enhancements to my work, it’s also quick and logical to use, making it a dedicated panel which I use on a daily basis. The Auto Adjust component is fast and accurate, helping to reduce the amount of time spent on image manipulation; it is a real bonus to any photographer’s workflow.
Chris Saunders
Chris SaundersAerial and Landscape Photographer
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ADP LumiFlow is a core part of my workflow. It allows me to selectively isolate and modify specific tonal ranges in the image which allows me to promote or demote them within the image and help enhance the story I’m trying to tell. ADP LumiFlow allows me to do this in a way where I don’t have to fight with Photoshop and can focus on the narrative I’m trying to achieve.
Shelley Pearson
Shelley PearsonBird Photographer
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When Aaron first released his ADP Panels, I didn't hesitate to buy and upgrade to ADP LumiFlow. I watched his promotion clips and knew immediately my bird photography workflow would benefit immensely. ADP is invaluable to me and believe it’s the secret ingredient in my workflow. I have amazing power over my shadows and highlights, particularly when shooting in difficult light conditions. His tutorials are broken down into easily explained short videos. I highly recommend this plugin and the support is first class from Aaron. Truly an incredible tool in your photography workflow, thank you Aaron.
Seng Mah
Seng MahPhotography Educator & Tour Leader
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The ADP LumiFlow Plugin is an indispensable tool in my processing workflow. It's particularly valuable when I'm processing for print as it allows me to make sure that all important detail is available in the print, especially fine art and award prints. It's a tool that needs to be part of any serious photographer's toolkit.
Johannes Reinhart
Johannes ReinhartVisual Artist
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ADP LumiFlow is a brilliant tool in my toolbox. Although not a tool used on all of my images, as I like to keep things as simple as possible, there are times it is invaluable. When I take the time to really polish an image, ADP LumiFlow becomes an important part in giving me the control I need to really finesse an image.
Franck Lecrenay
Franck LecrenayWedding, Portrait and Lifestyle Photography
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ADP LumiFlow is very effective on a wide variety of subjects, it’s been designed with this in mind. The panel allows you to do complex tasks simply, allowing you to focus on creation. Working with these masks takes my images to the next level, without halos, and with a natural style. When I started working with ADP LumiFlow, I felt like I had wasted a lot of time with other products. Fearsome efficiency and simplicity would be my last words.
Mark Brierley
Mark BrierleyArchitecture, Commercial & Real Estate Photography
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Integrating ADP LumiFlow into my workflow has been seamless. Unlike other plugins, being able to access the panel directly in Photoshop is why I love it. Having an infinite amount of detailed control in the editing process is why I keep using it. It has helped me in my printing, allowing me to adjust the smallest details to create the final print and played a crucial role in winning the AIPP West Australian Professional Photographer of the Year 2019.
Matthijs Hollanders
Matthijs HollandersNature & Wildlife Photography
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ADP LumiFlow allows me to make extremely targeted adjustments, which I now favour over global adjustments. My method for editing photos completely changed once I started using the panel which not only improved my post-processing, but also made it more fun.
Chris Dark
Chris DarkFine Art Landscape & Commercial Photographer
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Every image I make has been touched by ADP LumiFlow. In my personal work it allows me to bring my vision and personality to my art. Whether that's working critically on targeted colour and contrast or building composite images its my tool of choice. Shooting architectural imagery commercially ADP LumiFlow saves me time and money. Particularly on interior images with its exposure blending capability.
Mat Beetson
Mat BeetsonPortrait, Nature & Landscape Photographer
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ADP LumiFlow has greatly improved my workflow and in turn my images. I use it for every image that is personal to me, whether it is a simple nature photograph requiring minimal treatment. To the more challenging images with complex colour and tonal ranges. The heat map function is an absolute winner and of course the Apply- Adjust- Replace function too. But, these are only some of the powerful tools of this plugin! Another outstanding asset that's available is the great library of tutorials that are so easy to follow and will have you mastering these powerful tools quickly.
Tony HewittFine Art Landscape Photography
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Great tool for all the photographers out there who love their creativity to flow uninterrupted, and the imaging tools to be a smooth extension of their thought process!
David KellyUnited States
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The panel was masterfully created. I have used other panels but I must say that your panel out performs and far exceeds my expectations. I also want to thank you for your wonderful, clear and precise video tutorials. I recently purchased the Luminosity Video Workshop and it has totally opened up my world to new and creative ideas. I am a big fan. Thank you.
Ed McGuirkUnited States
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What you have done with the Heat Map concept has dramatically evolved LM panel based processing. I now find it so intuitive to make adjustments, it nearly eliminates any guesswork about mask selection. You continue to push the limits of what is possible, and made my processing infinitely easier.  Bravo !!!
Serge MionSwitzerland
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A friend of mine introduced me to ADP LumiFlow. I discovered another world of editing. Not only, in my opinion, is it the best plugin on the market today, but also the big difference comes with the very high quality tutorials that Aaron makes. Aaron's tutorials are very clear and easy to understand. The video workshop “Photoshop for Beginners & Beyond” is a must have to learn Photoshop for photo editing (Not only for Beginners).
Ed AlexanderUnited States
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I just wanted to thank you for your B&W videos & ADP LumiFlow.  The videos have allowed me to understand the B&W process.  Also, to be able to get the same results with much less effort than I did following another photographers B&W post processing tutorials.  I truly admire his images.  But, your program, in my opinion, is the best approach to B&W post-processing on the market today.
Frank FiorentinoUnited States
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This may be the best software related purchase I have ever made. Aaron was very responsive to my pre-sales questions providing me with confidence to invest in his product. I am new to luminosity masks and the training materials are outstanding. The panel itself is quite powerful and very well designed. Although this is new to me, I do not feel overwhelmed. I am energized to re-visit my entire catalog. Thanks for producing a great panel and supporting videos.
Gary CorkenUnited Kingdom
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Just a quick mail to thank you for producing a fantastic product. I have struggled for a year trying to get my head around luminosity masks and their uses in my workflow. I have purchased other panels and I found them complicated or beyond my skill set. After two days of practice using your panel and watching the tutorials, I can now see the endless possibilities that are now available to me.
Robert YoungUnited States
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I have been taking bracketed exposures for years and blending them has been very tedious using traditional fixed masks. Having infinitely adjustable masks makes the blending process much faster and with better blends. Your action set is nice, but watching the video was a quantum leap in my understanding of the process of blending bracketed images.
Nancy BonhausUnited States
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Wow!  I loved your last version of the panel and I think I will love this version even more after binge-watching the tutorials.  I tried to learn Photoshop for years with nothing but frustration.  Your panel makes it so much more intuitive and powerful.  Your panel is really great, but what really makes it really special is the amount and quality of instruction that you provide.  You are a great teacher and thanks so much! Your panel is the best bargain in photography.
Lars-Göran NordströmSweden
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You have certainly succeeded in making a very user friendly panel. Your tutorials are clear and easy to follow, even for someone like me who does not have English as their first language. While a lot of people have fantastic PS skills, not everyone can clearly and concisely explain that knowledge to someone else. I’ve watched other instruction videos where the person talks a great deal, but I’m none the wiser when it’s finished.
Gareth CallawayCanada
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I’ve been struggling with luminosity masks for years as most of my PP has been in Lightroom. After watching the videos, at long last it’s making sense. I’ve been sitting on a slew of landscape images taken in Ecuador last November and chomping at the bit. Fantastic training, well done.
Randy MoonUnited States
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Aaron, your panel is amazingly simple to use and does everything I need for fine control of the development process. I also have 3 other panels. Those are good products too but all I use now is your panel. It is right on target for amazing results. What I really like is your approach to creating and fine tuning masks. Thank you for a great product and I am anxious to see where the tool goes in the future.
Bob BridgewaterUnited Kingom
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You have really excelled yourself in making your new panel so easy to use. I have tried several of the most popular panels on the market and yours truly makes my workflow much faster than all the others and the power it provides me is amazingly awesome. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
Joan RambarranUnited States
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This is certainly the best on the market, easy to use and your tutorials are easy to follow. When instructions get complicated and way too technical, I get turned off, ease of practical use is the key. I’m getting very good results with my editing . I do my own printing, my prints are absolutely gorgeous on fine art paper, just as I see on my screen, with soft proofing.
Miguel HolguinUnited States
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I use your panel exclusively. I, like others, have purchased other panels. Your panel is by far the easiest to use. Your videos are great.  I also purchased your masks unmasked tutorial. I have learned so much. If I would have known your tutorials were so easy to learn from, I never would have gotten the others.
Ferdinand de GrootNetherlands
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A few days ago I discovered your site on the internet. I was looking for a PS Plugin with Luminosity Masks. I had tried several panels but was not satisfied. Your panel is absolute ‘First Class’ and on your site I found so many Luminosity Tools and explanations. I thank you for that very much.