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Explore the Majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains
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Bali Photography Tours
Explore the Island of The Gods, and discover rich a rich culture and lush tropical landscape.
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Luminosity Masks
Unlock the power of Luminosity Masks in your workflow.
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Explore our fine art photo galleries to find the perfect piece of art for your walls.
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"The only limits in our photography and creativity are those we put on ourselves"

Fine Art Prints

Our photo galleries are full of images from our travels around the world. From the majestic Canadian Rockies, to the red earth of Australia, and our time in South East Asia. Our photography is varied from the natural wonders of our beautiful planet, to the wonderful culture, and our own fine art creations. A passion of ours is in black & white imagery. By stripping away the colour in an image, we take it back to the simplicity and beauty of the location and people. We’re adding new images to our galleries regularly as we uncover new gems.

Photography and Post Processing Workshops

Whether you want to improve your post processing or photography, we have a workshop that will meet your needs. Our editing workshops are classroom based, and all hands on, giving you the best learning ability. Our landscape workshops are a combination of shooting and classroom, so you can put into practice what you’ve learned. We also have video post processing workshops, so sit back, pause, rewind, fast forward and learn at your own pace.

Luminosity Mask Plugins

Take your post processing to another level with the precision control of Luminosity Masks. We have created a truly innovative Photoshop Plugin at ADP LumiFlow. It is not only the ultimate tool in creating Luminosity Masks, it is a full workflow panel. Giving you complete control over all aspects of image creation. With 15 powerful panels built into one easy to use tool, you will never require another plugin. There are 3 methods of mask creation, with the brand new innovative Heat Map, allowing you to visualise and make any selection.