Photography Workshops
and Presentations

Take your Photography & Post Processing Skills to the Next Level

Aaron Dowling Photography Workshops are designed to make your learning informative, enjoyable and hands on. All Aaron Dowling Photography Workshops are hands on with experienced instructors. This gives you the greatest ability to learn and use the knowledge you have gained, in your photography journey.

Our photography workshops are typically 1 – 3 days, and are focused purely on education. The post processing workshops are done in the classroom, with your computers. The field workshops are a combination of shooting in the field and classroom learning.  We often work with other experienced photographers, to give you multiple perspectives. This ensures that you get 1 on 1 attention during the workshops.

We also produce video post processing workshops, mostly based around using Photoshop. Our video workshops are based on Luminosity Masks, Black & White Editing and Photoshop for Beginners. We are expanding our video workshops, with brand new video workshops coming soon.

We do run photography tours. These are tours / workshops that are greater than three days, where the majority of your learning is done in the field. Our tours / workshops are run in the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver Island, Australia and throughout Asia. If you’re interested in longer tours / workshops, visit our photography tour pages at the following link: Photography Tours

We are happy to bring our photography workshops on the road. If you’d like us to run a workshop near you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Photoshop For Beginners Video Workshop

Start getting the most out of your images. Get past all the misconceptions that Photoshop is to difficult. We’ll breakdown Photoshop into easy to manage pieces and show you how you can start using this program to your advantage. 

With nearly 20 years of experience with Photoshop and many classroom workshops, I have combined all of my knowledge into this comprehensive video workshop. With 16 hours of tailored learning, helping you to get the most out of Photoshop.

The Art of Black and White Editing Video Workshop

The Art of Black and White Editing is a 4.5 hour video workshop that teaches how to create high impact monochrome images. Learn multiple methods of black and white conversion, why some are better and how to get the most from your images and editing. 

Included are all the image files used in the workshop, so you can easily follow along. You will also receive a download link to download all the videos for storage on your computer, to watch anytime.

Luminosity Masks Unmasked Video Workshop

Luminosity Masks are a tool used by photographers to make extremely accurate selections in their images. This is important for many reasons, including: blending multiple exposures, making accurate adjustments in your images without effecting other areas, dodging and burning with complete accuracy, and much more. Learn all the ins and outs of using them in your workflow, from the beginning.

Learn to take complete control over your image editing in this comprehensive 8.5 hour workshop.