The landscape and wildlife of the Canadian Rockies inspires us. It’s breathtaking and can leave us in awe at times with its shear beauty, but the people around us are what gives us the whole experience. We are always thrilled to show off all the Rockies has to offer, but love to meet, laugh, and build life long friendships with our guests. It is all of you that always make it an experience to remember. 


Karen S

Thank you so much Aaron and Tiffany. Your Canadian Rockies Tour has to be the best photographic tour I have ever been on (and I’ve done a few). Let’s start with Aaron. He is an amazing photographer, who genuinely wants to make sure that you have the best opportunity to learn and grow in your photographic skills. Aaron patiently worked with each of the group to guide them towards taking the best images possible, whatever their skill level. He is a great mentor and generous teacher with an easy style that made it a pleasure to be part of the group.

The locations were jaw droppingly beautiful and there was plenty of flexibility in the schedule to take advantage of changing conditions. I’d go back to the Canadian Rockies in a heart beat, I loved it so much. Another aspect of the tour that I thought was so fantastic, was the degree of research and organisation that had gone into putting the tour together. The locations, timings, schedule all worked so well together and it was obvious that this was no accident, but the result of meticulous research and planning. The communication was another big tick item for me. Every day we were briefed and prepared and everyone felt comfortable knowing what was going to happen – this has not always been the case on other tours I have been on. The vehicle we travelled in was also perfect for the amount of people in the group. Every last detail, from transport, locations, to food and accommodation was spot on. We enjoyed great variety in the weather conditions and managed to see bear and other wildlife during our tour – such a bonus! I really liked how safety conscious Aaron and Tiffany were, every angle was covered appropriately.

Now the icing on the cake for this amazing husband and wife duo – Tiffany. It’s just not possible to have had such an amazing journey on this tour without noting the stellar efforts of Tiffany – who worked quietly in the background making sure that everything was running smoothly. They are both a joy to spend time with, it feels like you are travelling with friends. My father and I made such wonderful memories. I cannot recommend highly enough an Aaron Dowling Photography Tour. I will be coming back to do more!


Dyan H

Thank you for the most amazing fun filled landscape photography Tour (Sept/Oct 2018). Every day was an exciting adventure and the locations never disappointed, I didn’t want it to end. The places you showed us were so beautiful & breathtaking, exceeding all of my expectations. As another described, it was like a road trip with great friends while capturing some unforgettable images. How lucky were we? We had snow, autumn colour, hot springs (in the falling snow) and bears! 

Aaron and Tiffany are beautiful people and wow what a fantastic team. Aaron is a passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgable, generous, talented
photographer and teacher and above all a super nice guy. No doubt Aaron could run this tour on his own but the addition of his wife Tiffany made it even more perfect (if that’s possible). Tiffany kept everything running smoothly, nothing was too much trouble for her and she was just wonderful company to have on tour.

I reckon everyone comes away from a Tour with these two content & happy in knowing they have made friends for life. 

Our accommodations were really nice too (Calgary, Banff & Jasper) and dinner options were great. When a group dinner wasn’t organised, there were plenty of restaurant options to suit ourselves. There is not one thing I could fault with this Tour, it was perfectly run in every single way and I cannot recommend the tour enough to any photographer wanting to see the Rockies.


Peter and Elizabeth G

Aaron and Tiffany are a fantastic team and beautiful people to boot! They made our Canadian rockies experience one to remember, Aarons photographic knowledge and assistance is unsurpassed. His patience and skills were tested by my wife on several occasions as she is a casual photographer however, he came through with flying colours! Many times Aaron and I found ourselves photographing together and I learned so much from technique, to composition (my biggest challenge) and technical situations. Aarons job is made so much easier due to the locations he has chosen for us to photograph. His passion oozes from every part of his body. The organising skills, knowing when and where to be at any given location to beat the crowds at some spots, is testament to this passion. His ongoing support through F/B, email and his website is superb. Nothing is too trivial to attend to. Tiffany worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure everything ran like clockwork. They both run a fantastic business and we would highly recommend a photographic tour run by them. NO doubt we’ll be back for more!


Andre P

I am quite advanced into my photography career, and I am always looking to improve. I do take a lot of tours when travelling across the world to find special spots and also to learn a different approach to my photography. Aaron’s half day did just that for me. He has shown me a different approach towards his scenes and also many compositional techniques. He has expanded without a doubt my possibilities to create better images. Also, locals such as Aaron know places you wouldn’t really find on your own or you could but with much more effort. Highly recommend for all levels and wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again next time we are there.


Ron & Mary-Jo

A very big thank you to Aaron and Tiffany for being the most awesome hosts for our tour. We enjoyed every moment of our time with Aaron and Tiffany. Tiffany planned and organised just about everything. Our photography skills have greatly improved through Aaron’s teaching. Aaron is very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience. We have come home with some amazing shots of both landscapes and wildlife. Aaron is a great teacher, making learning so much fun; no problem in asking silly questions. We would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to enjoy the great Canadian outdoor and take some amazing photographs to share with family and friends. The landscapes are breathtaking. There were countless moments of pure awe and amazement. We are blessed to have known Aaron and Tiffany and we can only wish you both good health and happiness. You have shared your joy of your great outdoor to us which we are so very happy for the experience. Lastly, Aaron and Tiffany showed much care and concern when Mary Jo wasn’t feeling well. Thank you so very much and God bless you both. 


Lynn V

Aaron and Tiffany were the most amazing hosts for both my Canadian trips. 

Tiffany is the most amazing organizer and thanks to her skills our tours ran smoothly. 

Aaron is the most amazing teacher and coach. Not only does he know the places he took us to, he shared his knowledge very generously and with great patience. My photography skills definitely went up a notch or two and I have come away with amazing images and wonderful memories of a most enjoyable and memorable holiday. 

I would take another trip with Aaron and Tiffany in a heartbeat and I would recommend them very highly to anyone thinking of doing something similar. 

Bottom line, if you wish to improve your photography skills, regardless of your current skill levels, Aaron will most definitely help you to do that. The fact that he knows his environment so well will also ensure you do not come away disappointed. 

Once again a very big thank you to both Aaron and Tiffany.


Carol D

I have just completed the inaugural 11 day tour of Vancouver Island with Aaron and his delightful wife Tiffany. What a great team they make and they are so lovely and so much fun to be with. But it is all about the photography. The tour was an awesome mix of landscape, seascape and wildlife. The wildlife aspect was a wonderful unexpected bonus and to have the opportunities to photograph bears, whales, seals, eagles and a bonus wolf were definitely wow moments for me. Aaron is such an inspirational leader and you can only see your photography move to the next level. You think you have nailed a particular shot and Aaron will show you a minor adjustment that brings the photo to life. And he tells you in such a nice way that you appreciate his suggestions and are constantly inspired. And Tiffany is organiser extraordinaire. She kept everything flowing smoothly and is so much fun to be with. I am so happy that I will get to experience another tour with them when I join them in the Rockies in a few weeks time.


Barry L

Can’t speak highly enough of our half day tour with Aaron and Tiffany. The locations were breathtaking and the timings perfect for the best light. It was like a mini road trip with friends while capturing some unforgettable images. Aaron is incredibly knowledgeable about the area and offers welcome technical advice if required. A huge thanks to you both for a most enjoyable experience.


Greg T

I recently completed a tour with Aaron and Tiff in Canada, the scenery was magical but what made the tour was not only his great photographic knowledge and the willingness to share it but his local knowledge of the area. While we had an itinerary to follow, as weather conditions changed shooting locations were varied to suit. We saw all the money shots but also many out of the way places also. Aaron and Tiff run well organized tours in a friendly and relaxed manner. Would certainly recommend them for a fabulous photographic experience.


Renee Atkinson & Nicholas Durbridge

My fiancée and I were lucky enough to be part of the September 2017 photography tour run by Aaron Dowling Photography, and I can’t recommend a better way to see the Canadian Rockies.

From day one, Aaron and Tiffany presented a well-planned, comprehensive plan that would see us visiting a lot of the highlights of the Rockies, among a collection of other lesser-known and spectacular locations. They took care of all the logistics, so all we had to do was be on the bus when told, and were consistently taken to beautiful vistas and landscapes from dusk to dawn. We both had a brilliant time, and feel just a little jealous of the groups that will get to go on the tour from here on!


Chris Barry

Thanks to you both, we had a wonderful time in the Rockies, an excellent tour.  The tour was indeed a magical view of a magnificent area that sparkles and entices us visually. Your unlimited enthusiasm and energy allowed us to photograph a range of experiences both at sunrise and later in the day. As I sit comfortably at home, the vision of towering mountains in a morning or evening light flood back to reinvigorate my photographic experience. Thank you also for sharing your Photoshop skills that make such a difference when processing images and make them sparkle as we review these once in a lifetime shots from our stay in the Rockies. Thank you both again for this wonderful experience.


Allen Shapiro

I joined Aaron and Tiffany on their photography tour of the Canadian Rockies in September 2016. I have participated on other photography tours in the past, the last one being a tour of the South Island of New Zealand. Aaron’s tour was by far the best. Not only was the scenery magnificent, but Aaron taught me a whole new way to photograph a scene using manual mode, live view and the histogram and how to compose the shot. I am still using the techniques he taught me to this day. On the tour he was always available to answer any questions I had and since I was using a new way of shooting a scene, I had many. He was always happy to help. One of the best parts of the tour were the workshops that he held, where he would analyse one photo of each participant and then develop the image in Photoshop. Since we were ten participants and therefore ten images for Aaron to discuss and develop, the workshop lasted many hours. I found this workshop to be beyond the call of duty for Aaron as I did not experience such devotion to his guests on the other tours. Each participant also gave Aaron another image, or series of images, that he developed in the form of a video that he posted on a special website for us to view in the comfort of our homes after the tour ended. This series of videos were amazing and I learned many new Photoshop techniques. Aaron is certainly a master of Photoshop and an excellent teacher. Aaron is thinking of developing a photography tour to Iceland and I will be the first to sign up.


Vicki & David Princep

We just wanted to drop you a line to say how much we enjoyed our photography adventure through the Canadian Rockies recently. We were so impressed with all the beautiful places you took us to, at the right time for lovely light, & also the best time to avoid the busy tourist times.  We also liked the fact that you included a ‘little’ bit of touristy stuff in there as well.  (When in the Rockies……….)

The accommodation was great & to see how everyone on the tour was so inspired by the workshop day where you showed the magic that can happen to our photos in post processing was just magic. Thank you for arranging such a great range of weather for us with the sunrise and snow at Two Jacks a definite highlight.  Was lovely to have some beautiful sunshine as well.  We were also impressed with the range of wildlife you organised for us to photograph, from the eagle scooping a fish in the pond right before our eyes, to the Grizzly digging & stopping to say hi, and the fighting Elk in that glorious morning light with a fabulous mountain backdrop, we couldn’t have asked for better.

The little touches that Tiffany provided like our welcome card and ‘Aaron Dowling Photography’ beanies, our delightful ‘cocktail’ party at Maligne Lake, and her finger on the pulse to remind people where to be when were the icing on the cake and pulled the whole tour together into the magical experience that it was. Aaron’s photography tips, suggestions, and help on and off the field were invaluable and we have come home with plenty to think of, practice and learn, as well as a swag full of photos we are very proud to have taken. The company was great, and this is the first trip ever we have not been ready to come home from, we wished it could have continued on. Thank you both so much for an absolutely fabulous experience, we can definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.


Michelle & Kevin Purcher

I could not think of a better way to see the Canadian Rockies. Just perfect for anyone interested in landscape photography. Every day we were treated to breathtaking scenes morning and evening. Aaron’s knowledge of the area and his photography guidance was great.The itinerary was well planned and we were always at each location with plenty of time to set up and get helpful tips from Aaron.

Aaron and Tiffany run a great friendly tour with lots of laughs and go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy. We were lucky enough to see the Northern lights. An added bonus for sure. We will definitely be back.


David & Bill Rowlands

I just completed a fantastic two week photography tour of the Canadian Rockies with Aaron Dowling Photography. Each sunrise and sunset we would head out to various locations around Banff and Jasper to photograph the magnificent Canadian Rockies. Aaron was always on hand to provide shooting tips and advice. He ensured we were in the right place at the right time to get amazing photos. We saw the aurora, bears, moose, elk and amazing landscapes.


Ann Maher

We did a morning sunrise and then evening sunset /shoot the stars/Milky Way workshop. Aaron was very flexible in our desire to do this split workshop and was very prompt with communication as we worked out the details. He and his wife were very nice and fun to be with (important when you are spending that much time together). Aaron was very knowledgeable and everyone in our small group improved their knowledge and technique and had a lot of fun doing it. Every where we went was beautiful and he had other recommendations of what we should see while we were there (all of which were great to visit). Highly recommend his workshops.


Stephen Wilcox

If you want to see the best that the Rockies have to offer, learn loads about capturing great landscape images, learn loads about Luminosity Masks and how they kick start your photo-processing, have excellent post trip support, meet great hosts and have a fabulous time then this is definitely the trip to take.